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Originally Posted by KoKoBuddy View Post
Are there any actual airline published rules on the matter of visitors in 1st class and allowing unwashed Y passengers to visit?

The way I see it, I own that F seat for the duration of the flight. If I want guests coming in to say hi, I can allow them up there. And if I want to switch seats or let someone take a picture in my seat, it's my prerogative.

What I don't really understand is why anyone else cares what I do with my seat. As long as nobody is taking away your seat, it's really none of your business what I do with mine. Most of the time on a flight, whether in 1st or coach I am either asleep or have headphones on watching a movie. I really couldn't care less what the guy next to me is doing.
I don't care who sits in the seat either, but if there is contstant getting up and down, chatting, some butt in my face from their freinds coming to visit, and a general party, I get annoyed, and annoyance is not what they want for their passengers at any airline. There is more than likely someone in that row with you who has to put up with it, and if you are at the window and the stranger is in the aisle seat, it becomes a real PIA.

But you don't own the seat, and you certainly don't have any ownership of the F cabin itself to decide to start inviting people up into it. The F cabin is exclusive space, and those whose names are not on the manifest as such should not be up there.
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