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I came really close to doing this in Cancun. I was actually ready to plunk down $20k immediately and then 200-300 a year in maintenance. I really liked the resort and thought it would be perfect as a holiday destination. My wife and I were very close and had they given us a night to go and discuss it over dinner we probably would have done it. Instead they kept trying to close the deal immediately, anything to prevent us leaving the office.

To say the sales guy was on the floor, grabbing my leg as I tried to shuffle ever closer to the door would be an exaggeration, but not by much.

The hard sell sent up all sorts of red flags for my wife and I. To her credit she said "no, we aren't spending 20k without a talk first" and stood up to leave. The sales guy and his manager gave all sorts of caveats about how the deal may not be available tomorrow and this isn't an open ended offer.

Now in retrospect it was fiscal suicide to spend 20k up front and then 300 in maintenance a year when the rooms were 70-85 bucks a night in the offseason.

I've been back to the place twice to stay since, as I say its a great place, but there are always rooms available and its still reasonably priced.

I'm glad I didn't do it in the end. Another poster mentioned www.tug2net and I saw other people flogging the same thing I would have bought for 5-6K and to cover the maintenance.
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