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Originally Posted by NurseLisa68 View Post

So glad to have found this forum as I am completely stressed about an upcoming vacation to Prague via CDG.

I have read through the thread, but need updated info.

I am arriving at 2E on Delta, and leaving on Czech air at 2D. I have almost 3 hours to make my connection.

Do I leave the terminal/secure area to walk to 2D? Or have to pass through customs/immigration? This is my first time in Europe and not sure how this all works. I've only traveled "internationally" to Mexico and Belize, so no experience like this.

How long does it take to walk? 15-20" is what I am seeing on, but is there a shuttle? or From what I have read here, it is much more efficient to walk! :-)

Anything else I need to know? My travel agent was only going to give me an hour to connect, she didn't know about the history of missed connections at CDG?! (I need a new agent!) So asking her is of no use!

Thank you for your patience with me, and for answering my questions in advance!

From 2E to 2D walking across should take no more than 10 minutes, so no reason to be nervous about the connection. CDG is quite a simple airport and the bad reputation it has is just hearsay; the facilities are great, the terminals are clean and it's fairly easy to move around.
You should have plenty of time to enjoy a coffee or browse the shops.
Enjoy your trip.
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