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Originally Posted by barristan View Post
Does anyone have any experience with a large bank (or MO seller like Walmart I suppose) that doesn't require you to unroll the coins?

All of my local banks (which, in Ann Arbor, is limited to TCF and Chase) force me to put the coins through a machine. Now that giftcards.com is out of the picture it is hardly worth my time to go to the bank, unroll ALL of the coins, and feed them into the machine (only to be shorted a dollar or two per 1000).

If there was some other bank or store that I could just walk into, set the coins down, and leave that would be significantly more productive. I suspect this might be YMMV though..

Why not find a bank that will accept your coin shipments directly, that way you won't have to do anything! The US mint coin gig is really the only way to earn boatloads of miles or points with actually very little effort! Oh my, you may have to unroll the m and put them through a coin counter! Sounds like you have never done a mileage run to earn bonus miles, talk about time consuming. How about a mattress run to earn bonus points again time consuming! The coin counter shorted me a dollar! Oh Boy! So it cost you $1 to earn a minimum of 1,000 points or miles. Post a thread on the AA or United boards that you can buy miles for .001/mile and you'll be overwhelmed with PM's.

I have an exemption and order much more than $1,000 per order. I unroll them and put them through a coin counter. I am very rarely shorted, the most I can remember is $2. But then again I have been credited with amounts more than I have put in the coin counter on numerous occasions. I have put in $5K in the coin counter without bags being changed or intervention of bank personnel. The bank I use is open 7 days a week and, yes there are times I am there 7 days a week. I have NEVER been questioned about where the coins came from or the amounts I deposit. I have NEVER had an account closed and have been encouraged to open additional accounts by the bank in the almost 2 1/2 years that I have been playing the coin game..

The old saying is true "Nothing is Free!" It is easy to justify my time investment when I'm sitting in an Over the Water Bungalow sipping on a Hinano in Bora Bora courtesy of the US Mint!

It seems that many here are working harder trying to find financial institutions that will take rolled coins, risking account closures and other repercussions. Take the path of least resistance and you will be rewarded!

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