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Originally Posted by element7 View Post
No it's BMW owners forum. E90 is current bodystyle of 3 Series BMW. He's pretty crazy guy. Just like you
Ah, well, I just type this way lol.

Anyway I hope he at least drives 'safely!' Those Beamer guys are always coming up behind our family Volvo flashing their lights and yappin on their cell phones...

...and yet here I am goin' like 82mph in the fast lane down Rte 95/128 with the kids in the back throwing toy trucks and teddy bears back and forth from their car seats whilst I have like $12k in $250 boxed coins sliding around in the trunk and so my mind is on THAT... and yet he just HAS to go 90mph now doesn't he! (in MA, 85 is the speed limit in the left lane lol) Sooooo, I pull to the middle lane and let the Beamer pass me and now I can try and figure out what banks to bring these all to once I get the kids safely in the hands of gramma's house. (In Ma we WILL pull the right and let someone pass who wants to go faster if in fact there is a place to pull to in the next lane, so it's not about ego, it's about knowing that when someone is speeding, they must have a reason so let them go)

Anyway I am sure everything about THIS post will get misconstrued, but you get the idea. So be it!

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