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Originally Posted by jamesteroh View Post
I thought about it. Problem is I didn't want to penalize the girls (and the girls that were outside trying to get the people to buy the cookies were all cute and very nice and wasn't fair to punish them over their leader).

I wish I would have known they were at Sams today. I bought one box of the shortbread cookies the girls were out of yesterday and totally different reaction from the adult. I gave her four coins and just told her to keep the change and she kept asking me if I was sure I didn't want my fifty cents back and could give me the change and seemed very grateful someone gave them just 50 cents more.
Agreed, yah I wouldn't want to penalize the girls either--and to be honest, those cookies are too darn good to put BACK lol, but the tip, on the other hand, would have been for the woman working there, if I read it correctly--the one who snarled about having received your coins. Correct me if I am wrong. That's where I would have taken back the tip only.

Originally Posted by Nelumbo View Post
I am sorry about the negative experience that you had. We all learn from the good and the bad, and it is good that we could share here at FT and keep moving forward. I had some negative experience with bank(er)s that I worked with for years and suddenly they changed faces. I did see and hear from bankers that people made deposit of coins in very large amount without establishing solid relationships with the banks in advance.
Personally I appreciate your sharing and constructive suggestion.
Yes... and thank you.
I agree, though... often times it's a change of face. New management, new policy, new partners, etc. Who knows. I have seen this work both ways. We just hope that most banks will accept the coins--and of course I begin with and work a long while with smaller more manageable amounts. The bigger amounts are brought to places where there are coin counting machines or where I have been doing this a while and they tell me they can accept the multitude.
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