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I am sorry about the negative experience that you had. We all learn from the good and the bad, and it is good that we could share here at FT and keep moving forward. I had some negative experience with bank(er)s that I worked with for years and suddenly they changed faces. I did see and hear from bankers that people made deposit of coins in very large amount without establishing solid relationships with the banks in advance.
Personally I appreciate your sharing and constructive suggestion.

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yup, but sometimes despite ones' length of time in the bank or how one makes any given coin deposit, they just don't wantcha. In my case, for example, I continue to submit that it was just a matter of bad luck coupled with a manager that just did not dig me or my actions in a small town region. So be it. Other banks I have accounts at do not have any problems with me or my coins at all. Even at far greater amounts of deposits. All I have done is report my experiences with different financial institutions and maybe others here can use the information to save themselves the trouble in similar situations.
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