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"Team SFO"

They definately go beyond the minimum. I was badly groped there a couple of weeks ago. As a very frequent traveler (150K for the last 14 years), I am used to the abuses by the TSA. Am currently traveling out of SFO weekly... While doing the groping, the clerk actually jammed the side of her hands into my genital area. I told her, you just touched my CL**. She said, no I didn't. I said, ummm I think I know my own anatomy. The supervisor tried the DY...T on me and I told her that unless she had some reason as to why she was threatening me, I would like to proceed thru this farce of security and get to my gate. I asked for a LEO and she told me I would have to call 911. I probably should have, but had a conference call I needed to get on once I got to my gate. At the time, I did not realize how much this had affected me, but after walking away, I noticed that my hands were shaking and I ended up needing to vomit.

I did go online and file a complaint... I was chosen because I opted out of the nude o scope, as I am a skin cancer survivor. Now, I avoid the lines that have the nude o scopes...

This travel thing is not so much fun anymore.
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