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Originally Posted by Goldorak View Post
Sorry but I don't follow you. Why every bank should have a representation in airports ? For what purpose ? And, as airports see as many foreigners as people from the country where the airport is located, foreign banks should be also present ? In airports, pax need ATM and to exchange money. These services are available in CDG in every terminal.
This being said, the closest SG bank from CDG is at Parc des expositions, 5 min walk from the RER station.
I didn't say every bank must have representation. I said (or meant to say) every retail bank that is legally operating in France should be allowed to pay for a spot at CDG. Just like every EU airline. You should not be able to "own" an airport like CDG as HSBC does. It is anti-competitive.

Bank machines are not only for withdrawals you know.
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