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This plane (G-VIIW) has 4 window seats each side (AK) and 3 middle suites (EF?), giving 14 F seats. I was alone at first but later near the end of boarding was joined by another pax in 4K. I can only assume that we were the only two Gold’s on board and so had the ability to snag a seat in this cabin, as I certainly do not have a high CIV score…maybe it was simply whoever takes the seat first at OLCI…All I can say is when flying to DEN make sure you OLCI at T-24 in case you get this option as well.

My first impression of the cabin was it appears far darker than OF due to the darker colour choice and also far more ‘busy’ both in terms of space and aesthetically. I believe the extra middle seats over some OF configurations does make the cabin seem more cluttered as well as the taller ‘walls’ of the middle seat dividers in NF. The sense of quality is definitely present and I also feel that each passenger has a more private space in NF compared to OF. If you like rounded corners and softer lines then the OF is definitely more appealing to the eye, NF seems to be a rectangular design study, I felt the OF has a more sculpted and custom fit with elegance whereas the NF suite seems more brash and chunky. Apologies in advance for the rather poor pictures (combination of 1 MP camera and lack of talent!)

Pics coming! (need to find a site to put them on first)

My impression was that the new white with thin blue line style of wall covering is less posh than the OF wood design. I also found the seat to be far wider throughout the ‘suite’ than the OF seat was. (I can confirm this to some degree as the seat cover for sleeping is still the same OF size and doesn’t quite cover the width of the new seat throughout.)

Some points that I noticed were that the foot stool has a handle similar to CW and can be lowered from the ‘sleep’ position to a lower position which is nice when reading or watching a movie. I did find it strange that the ‘buddy’ seat seat belt does not hide away more elegantly and although you can shove the strap down the seat and then rest the buckle in the recess the other half is left laying around…I didn’t find it bothered me when sleeping or stretched out but others may. The foot area of the NF bed is longer at the window seats compared to the centre seats (but only by an inch or two) but it looks like the centre seats have a bit more width at the foot as the design of the foot area is different between the two seats.
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