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Trip report: ‘A New First!’, LHR – DEN CW NF mix…8/3/11

Well, a new first for me at least! The LHR to DEN is usually a 3 class 777 so there is no F tickets for sale…however, on occasion the plane rotation brings a 4 class through so you can get lucky and bag a seat in F as was my luck on this trip.

I do not know how the final seat delegation is done but until T-24 I could see there was an F cabin but not select any seats in this cabin (logically), however, at OLCI I noticed that 3K and 4K were available to me…the rest were blocked. I selected 3K and thought ‘let’s see what happens, the worst they can do is put me back where I booked (or worse where I belong ;-) but to start at the beginning…

I checked in using Bag Drop in CW with a very friendly and efficient staff member without any queue, fast track was also quite empty so had a good day and within 5 minutes of arrival at T5 was making my way to the F lounge.

Recently, there have been some complaints about the state of the F lounge on the forum but on this visit (YMMV) everything was in order, I will admit that there were some papers still left on seats (if I hadn’t seen the thread I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about this) but they were at least folded up or not scattered about. I noticed at least two staff members cleaning up, so either this was just lucky, the time of day or maybe things are improving? The lounge was emptier than usual and I could easily get a seat to enjoy the buffet English breakfast. I found the selection and quality quite good and everything was stocked up.

I was told at check-in that the flight would be from a B gate but decided to wait until T-1 before going over to that lounge as I didn’t want to be caught out in case of a gate change…In this case I am glad I did as the B lounge was near full capacity and had very little seating left, although I didn’t have to wait long until boarding started anyway so not a big deal.

The flight must not have been too full as there was not that many people queuing to board and I could walk straight through with no delays.

I was met at the entrance to the plane by the CSM in a uniform that was new to me…Still do not know how mixed fleet works, let alone if the uniforms are different, so can’t say, however, I was a bit disappointed that I was only given a cursory glance and ‘straight across, turn left’ with no welcome aboard Mr. BotB or nice to have you with us again, etc…I have to say that only once on the entire flight did anyone even address me by name and that was when taking my meal choice. My flight certainly wasn’t any worse off because of this but instead of having a ‘good’ flight, small details like this can go a long way to making it a great one and it would be nice to be recognised as a status passenger that is being loyal to the company when strike action looms…

All was forgiven, as after walking through the galley, I could see that to my right was the standard CW cabin with rows 10-15 and to my delight when I turned left I was looking at a New First cabin (not had the pleasure up to this point so was really chuffed at my luck, especially not having to pay for it!)
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