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Originally Posted by onlyairfare View Post
I do not know if private room exams are more invasive, and I have no intention of finding out. I will not go into a private room with a stranger who intends to demand that I remove my clothing so that he or she can examine my genitalia.

I might hesitate to miss a flight "just because" of a groping as Representative Cissna did, because I believe it is better to demonstrate to the general public just how invasive these gropings are by letting them see the TSA in action. But to go alone into a room with such goons - I would rather miss my flight than do that.

With no cameras, and no impartial witness (I usually travel alone, though I could try to recruit another pax if one were willing), those TSO's could do anything they wanted to a passenger and there would be absolutely no recourse. "It never happened" would be "The Official Story."
Agree. I traveled in a dress this week (DTW) and there was no other option than the nudeoscope or pat down. (Of course airport employees were allowed to bypass the line and use the metal detector.) So, after opting for the pat down, I was conveniently forced to wait 10 minutes for one, to the point other male passengers were asking what was taking so long for them to get to me.

Then the female TSA employee, with daggers for her eyes, proceeded to not only complete the usual breast exam (top, bottom, around, and between the breasts), and then went up my skirt to ensure that the "space where my torso meets my legs" was free of any dangerous items. A thin piece of nylon was all that separated me from a full on sexual assault. Such a lovely start to my trip.
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