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Originally Posted by 2stepsahead View Post
I reached officially FTL on 21/02 , although when I count the miles I reach >35k on 15/02 , and he also told me that is correct, but because officially on 21/02 , I did not recieve exec. bonus for 16 and 17 februari.

I recieved the exec bonus for the second flight on 15/02 because I did a mileage request after 21/02.

Is this standard procedure?
or incompetent staff ?
Exactly the same happened to me when I became FTL in 2009. I did not get executive bonus for flights taken after I crossed the threshold but before my status was changed. On the other hand, I did get executive bonus for a flight I took before reaching the threshold but which credited after my status had changed to FTL.

Here is M&M's explanation:

The Executive Bonus is allocated once you have been assigned the Frequent Traveller Status. As you achieved the status on 18 August 2009, you are entitled to the extra miles from that date onwards. The reason why you received the bonus mileage for your flight from 17 August 2009 is that it was transferred to your Miles & More account on 20 August 2009. Please understand that we cannot credit the Executive Bonus for flights that took place before your nomination.
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