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Sheraton Station Square has been recently renovated and they are very good about upgrading their platinum members. The station square area is nice for tourists because there are lots of places to eat. If I were on vacation, I'd definitely stay at the Sheraton. They have a shuttle that can take you anywhere downtown. It also has a great view of the city. As far as the train is concerned, it is a bit annoying. They are working on the Fort Pitt Bridge right now, so you can hear some noise from that too. You can ask for a view of the parking lot or stay on a high floor or stay in the new wing of the hotel (rooms are nicer anyway). The new wing is set back a little bit from the train. The Sheraton has a club level. The drinks are free and the person that works there is extremely nice.

The Westin is an old doubletree...it's not a great hotel when compared to other Westin Hotels in US cities. Itís more like a Hilton with a Heavenly Bed. I think the Sheraton is much nicer. They are slowly renovating rooms in the Westin, so if you stay there ask for a renovated room on a high floor. The old rooms are pretty dumpy. The Westin does not have a club level. They are not so good about upgrading platinums to suites. Even if you do get a suite, it's two rooms connected by a hallway, so in my mind itís not worth it to push for the upgrade. There isn't much right by the Westin in terms of food...you'll have to walk a couple of blocks through a not so nice area of downtown to get to a restaurant. The Westin has a full-sized nice gym that is available free of charge for plats. The Westin also has a shuttle.

Despite all of this, itís a coin toss for me where I stay when I am in Pittsburgh. But again, if I were in Pittsburgh for leisure travel, Iíd stay at the Sheraton. Make sure you ask for a room in the new wingÖthe beds are more comfortable, the rooms are nicer, and the TV is bigger.

If you are going to catch a ball game, the park is about 1/2 mile from the Westin and 2 miles from the Sheraton. The Sheraton is walkable, but again, you can take the shuttle.

If you plan on staying in downtown the whole time, you don't need a car. A cab will run you about 35 dollars, or a towncar will run you 40 dollars plus a tip ($6).