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Did they honor the rate?

Originally Posted by Jonobigblind View Post
Happily I can say that this is resolved as I found another website with price in Euro and amazingly it was mega cheap for the same rooms as on the Radisson website.

I now have the room for just over a third of the price originally quoted by Radisson.

Just as long as the hotel honour this (have the email saved and will take along) I'll be mega happy.

Quality stuff - faith restored.
just emailed and got a best rate quote guarantee for a Radisson in Helsinki. No change on the reservation, the rate looks the same. In the comments, they wrote, "BORGLASTMINUTE.COM?77.80LESS25%=58.35."

However, those comments are editable, and anyone can write anything (including me).

I have the email they sent me confirming this, but worried that the hotel will just charge me what is on my reservation at Radisson.

How was your experience? I'll of course bring the email with me. Also worried b/c they quoted me an average daily rate while the hotel rate changes from weekday/weekend and my stay spans both.

Lastly, having a very late checkin, so don't know if they'll charge me the full nights rate quoted on the website on the first day or the discounted agreed upon rate.

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