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Originally Posted by LHR/MEL/Europe FF View Post
Sirdatary - while 10mph is slow, there are several european (scandinavian) countries where the metro speed limit is 20pkh, or around 13mph. Done for safety reasons. With heavy fines to back it up.
You'll note that I was referring to freeway speeds, not city streets.

Originally Posted by LHR/MEL/Europe FF View Post
The very clear difference is that a terrorist is making a concerted effort to harm me. My fellow road users are not. They could hide explosives internally, that is a risk. but i would prefer to fly knowing that the other risks 9hiding it under a wig, in underwear etc) are minimized.
And you think that airplanes are the only mode that terrorists will ever use to hurt you...?

See my above examples above... malls, schools, sporting events, apartment complexes, public transportation.

Tell me... do all the passengers on the London Underground get put through the nude-o-scope and get their faces, hair, and genitals caressed?
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