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Originally Posted by LHR/MEL/Europe FF View Post
Mimi111 - my questions were directed to the OP.

The OP talked about stroking hair (etc) and numerous accounts of stroking faces. I would like to read those and see under what circumstances the events took place. I would like to ascertain the valididty of the claims.

Sirdatary- while 10mph is slow, there are several european (scandinavian) countries where the metro speed limit is 20pkh, or around 13mph. Done for safety reasons. With heavy fines to back it up.

The very clear difference is that a terrorist is making a concerted effort to harm me. My fellow road users are not. They could hide explosives internally, that is a risk. but i would prefer to fly knowing that the other risks 9hiding it under a wig, in underwear etc) are minimized.
You've either:
1. Not understood what I said
2. Entirely dismissed it
3. Called me a liar

Not sure which of the three it is but it doesn't really matter. I don't think you are in a position to judge another person's experiences or their reaction to them.

The terrorists aren't making a concerted effort to harm you personally. Actually, they don't care about you.

Often times it's about society as a whole, a way of life, in protest of a government or a nation's foreign policy, etc. The "terrorists" that TSA (by a TSOs own words and TSAs actions, don't interest them) are "protecting" you from, don't need to do a thing, they have already won. They have people running scared, being assaulted without protest, wasting their time, wasting their money, and giving up their rights.

What they aim to do is change your way of life and scare you. Guess what, they did it.
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