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Originally Posted by LHR/MEL/Europe FF View Post
I would much rather have people's hair touched than risk explosives being carried on board under a wig/turban/other head covering.

Can someone please explain how else you check these places without touching them?

No 'intimacy issue' is worth an explosive decompression at 35,000 feet, or death.

It's irrelevant whether they have caught someone or not yet. We don't know when the first incident will happen.

Perhaps the solution is to have a two tiered system. Planes with security, and planes without. I know which one I'd rather be on. And i know which one would make the more likely target for someone wishing to bring the plane down.

I don't get the need to stroke someone's face though. I would still like to see the written links that the OP mentioned to see the circumstances under which this happened.
Here we go again..."Anything for security".

I don't wear a turban, a hat, a wig, etc. I have long dark hair, clearly my own, growing out of my own scalp. The OP talked about stroking hair, not turbans, etc.

As to the rest of it, what kind of link do you want? I said it in my previous post. I have had the disgusting face stroke, on more than one occasion. You want me to create a web page or post a blog so you can read it instead of reading this post? Would that make it somehow more credible for you?

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