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Originally Posted by LHR/MEL/Europe FF View Post
If you think about it, 'hair' could actually be a wig, this could be a place of concealment. Customs frisk searches in Australia will ask to touch your hair/wig to check for contraband.

Items could be concealed in a collar. Security at many many airports checks people's collars. They have been doing this at Amsterdam for many years (like the last 20 or more).

Face? I don't know.

Can you please give some links to where you have read that a person's face has been 'stroked'?
I have had my face stroked, thus my comment. It's disgusting.

As to hair and collars...the collar doesn't bother me so much but it is still pointless on some shirts, yet they do it anyway. The hair thing does bother me, especially when you have leering male TSOs standing around watching.
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