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Originally Posted by Guster14 View Post
I have always been confused as to how to determine all the different routing possibilities that are allowed.

I'm trying to plan a reward booking and want figure out routing options to include a good layover/stopover.

For example, if I want to fly from EWR to CDG am I allowed a stopover in any other European city as long as there is a *Alliance flight from that city to CDG?

In general what rules govern if you are allowed to book either a layover/stopover along the route? I always see people here discuss complex routes, but it confuses me as to why they would let you bounce from city to city if there is a direct/cheaper route available. I'm pretty new to this, thanks in advance
I am not an expert, but from what I understand the answer is yes. Also people do stuff like a reward ticket to Asia with a stopover in Europe on the way. I know it doesn't make much sense that CO allows these sorts of routings, but they do. It's probably that 99% of their reward ticket users just do simple roundtrips, and they keep the fancy routings available to keep happy the very small number of frequent fliers that bother to use them.

All I've been able to figure out is a non-North American stopover is allowed as long as it is somewhat along the route and is in a region that is the same or lower priced (in miles) than your destination.
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