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Upgrade Potential with Silver...EWR to MIA route

I know silver status is notorius for not giving a ton of upgrades, however I heard that time of your flight is key. I'm considering doing an mileage run early in the year to asia, which I will turn into a mini vacation, which will get me to silver...only if it will mean significant upgrades during the course of the year while traveling to Miami, otherwise I would rather take this trip to Asia later in the year when I can take more time off of work to really enjoy it.

However I'm wondering if it is really worth it given that almost all my flights will be EWR to MIA on the non-stop CO or CO/UA codeshare, going EWR to MIA on Sunday nights, and coming back to EWR friday afternoons. I already have the Presidential Plus card, so the only real benefit is the potential upgrades.

Please let me know your estimates on upgrade potential if you are familiar with this route on continental. ...Otherwise, I'll just be wasting my time/effort/money to obtain silver for no real added benifits. I travel almost exclusively out of EWR to MIA and ocassionally to west coast cities via Denver/Houston.
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