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Originally Posted by mr.pliner View Post
Guess what people.... if you happen to be in Venezuela and fly Lufthansa, and arrive 1 hour and 50 minutes (!) prior to your flight, AND check in online the night before, you WILL FIND AN EMPTY desk!!!

And when you run down to the LH office, they will tell you: "Oh well, we CLOSE TWO (2) hours BEFORE the flight!!! And even though you have almost TWO hours and already checked in (but still need to drop off luggage), AND you are SEN (both of us), they will call the "manager" and he will say... "too late, I'm at the gate and busy"!!

Here comes the punch line: It is NOWHERE to be written, that they CLOSE the counter 2 hours prior the departure!!! They were feeding me stories like "we have super security control" and it takes long to process everything. (not to mention, on our last flight in CCS, my fiance forgot and brought on board her manicure scissors and filer)...what security??

I swear! I have NEVER experienced that! LUFTHANSA need to know what is happening in Caracas!!! Now, we are stuck here, extra hotel, extra expenses and over $500 usd in LH fees! Don't know what to say! Feel powerless and they smile in your face there! Shame on LH reps in CCS!!!

And I thought the damaged luggage and weather cancelations in FRA were bad!

But on the serious side: What should I do / can do??

sorry for a bit hectic writing...too upset now...
LHs website clearly says you can still drop bags until 90 minutes before the flight for C/F passengers. So this implies that they must have a desk open. Unless of course all C/F passengers had already dropped their bags.

I would take this up with LH as I find this very strange. If you were in Y then LH can always say you were to late and this is bad luck. In C/F you should be getting significant compensation and reimbursement of expenses.

By the way, many airlines are very strict with check-in times and will not allow to check-in 1 minute after the deadline.
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