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Originally Posted by vbroucek View Post
As a matter of the fact, it is on Lufthansa's website and I believe it is your duty to be on time. So I fail to see why it is Lufthansa's problem. Never been to CCS, but would doubt that LH has its own people there, so it will be whoever does it for them and they simply follow the rule...
So IMHO, since you came late, you cannot do much and as LH SEN you should know better.
The only chance for you would be if you were on C/F ticket, then according to this link they should accept your luggage until 90 minutes prior departure. In whY it is indeed 120 min.

You are being far too harsh on the OP. It is absurd that LH would have no one at the counter with a flight pending 1:50 later, especially if the staff behaved in the alleged fashion.
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