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Originally Posted by Aspan View Post
Tried searching the forum and did not find much.
Traveling on the red eye next week in F and was wondering what to expect? I have a morning meeting in MIA. i.e. pickup rental and head to the meeting. Does this flight serve dinner and/or breakfast?
Do all AS flights have Wifi?
Generally on time?
Access to the Boardroom?
F security line?
Also its seems I have 4d, is there a curtain or a bulkhead between Y and F?
Happy to reciprocate to anyone flying AC!

I was in coach, so I can't answer your questions about F product, but I can offer this:
  • The flight will be a 737-800, so it will have Wifi.
  • Over the past 2 weeks, only once has the flight arrived later than scheduled, and that was by ~30 minutes.
  • F security lines are probably not going to be available that late at night. The F line is only for D security, and it is generally closed that late. You'll need to go to the A/B security line instead.
  • Paid F grants you access to the boardroom, which I believe is open in Seattle until 11pm???
  • Miami Airport is old, awkward and not very impressive. You'll arrive at an AA gate next to the eagle flights. If you're checking bags, in MIA you'll need to go downstairs, and be sure to turn right, and it was a ways down from the escalator. Rental car facility is offsite and you get there via a shuttle.

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