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Originally Posted by nkedel View Post
What hassle? Most Windows machines come out of the box with manufacturer-provided crapware; I've not worked with Sony in while, but in the past, they've been more guilty than most of that. Reinstalling a clean copy of Windows is, for many of us, the first step to using a new machine regardless of whether we're using the original disks.
From the Sony website (can't find a way to directly link to this paragraph):
Fresh Start

Fresh Start provides a basic computing environment where specific VAIOŽ applications (like VAIOŽ Media Gallery and VAIO Picture Motion Browser), trial software and games are removed from your unit prior to shipment. Any additional software applications added to your notebook will not be affected by this option.

Originally Posted by Loren Pechtel View Post
Depends on the drive. Not all SSDs are equal--check the performance ratings. Make sure both the drive and the OS support the TRIM command or you'll find your machine slowing down over time. (I know XP doesn't support TRIM, 7 does, I don't know about Vista, I have no idea on Macs.)
What does "TRIM" do?
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