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Originally Posted by deubster View Post
Of course, [replacing the hard drive] is easier on some models than on others.
Boy, you can say that again. [...] instructions that involved removing the screen, the keyboard, darn near disassembling the entire box before you could remove the hard drive. Never again.
Ouch. That sounds like the process of replacing memory in my netbook -- which is under the motherboard, but there's no door, so it requires disassembling EVERYTHING. Oddly enough, upgrading the hard drive is pretty easy: three screws for the keyboard, pop the keyboard up, and the HD is right there.

Considering the OP is talking about a Sony, I'd look at what's involved in swapping. $650 is only marginally above market for a 256 GB SSD, and may be WELL WORTH THE PRICE to have it installed.
...sounds like a very good idea. Alternatively, get a techie friend to look up the service manual for him, if he's not comfortable with the idea himself.

The only problem with it is that at current costs and my upgrade rate, I'd expect a 160gb+ SSD to last through more than one machine.
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