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Originally Posted by Seat13F_AC_CRJ View Post
Flying tomorrow 23-Jan YOW-YYZ-BGI. At 22.5 hrs prior to YOW departure (check-in seq0001), and 25 hrs prior to YYZ departure (check-in seq0002), was offered $269 for YYZ-BGI only. (No offer made for YOW-YYZ.) I accepted. For a 5 hr flight on an XM'd 767, I'll take it. Makes for an expensive omelet, but flight credits aren't usable until 1-March.
For my return leg ANU-YYZ on a 319 (or maybe a 320), there was no offer made during OLCI. At the check-in desk I asked and the price would have been $369 (no thanks). The guy was working from a preprinted sheet and I don't think it had anything to do with actual loading on the flight. J had one or two open seats IIRC.
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