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Originally Posted by Landing Gear View Post
Please take a look here at Frys.

256 GB SSD Drive prices: $470-700.

Plus, what happens to the warranty?

I wonder what brand of SSD is in the Sony? Do Seagate, Western Digital, and the other well-known companies make laptop SSDs?
I do not think $650 is a rip-off considering the fact that you will not have to deal with the hassle of actually rebuilding the drive yourself. Of course if you did order with the cheaper drive, buy a SSD then clone it yourself you would have the old drive to use as a backup drive or utility drive.

I have been watching the price of SSD's and they arent coming down fast enough for me to bite and $500 is just too much for me to pull the trigger but if you are getting a new machine and the extra dollars do not bother you...I would go that direction. This is where the technology is going because of speed, power consumption and reliability.

As far as who makes them. WD, Seagate do make them but I am seeing more from Crucial, OCZ and Kingston. I would assume because they are better suited to manufacture but dont know why for sure.
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