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Flash Drive v. Hard Drive For New Laptop

I have been looking at new laptop specifications and came across the Sony F series which is touted as a "workstation."

Here are the choices for drives:

  • 320GB Hard Disk Drive (5400rpm) [standard]
  • 320GB Hard Disk Drive (7200rpm) (Reg. $50.00) [add $40.00]
  • 500GB Hard Disk Drive (7200rpm) (Reg. $80.00) [add $50.00]
  • 750GB Hard Disk Drive (5400rpm) (Reg. $110.00) [add $80.00]
  • 640GB Hard Disk Drive (7200rpm) (Reg. $120.00) [add $90.00]
  • 256GB (256GBx1) Solid State Drive (Reg. $830.00) [add $650.00]
What's the value in the "solid state drive?" Will boot-up be faster? Is a crash unlikely? Is stored data safer from accidental loss? Other qualities?

The capacity of 256 GB seems rather small although adequate for me . I'm wondering if this will be upgradeable in the future without voiding the warranty.

Your thoughts and suggestions will be appreciated.
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