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From the PCCC:

Dear Cabin Crew Colleague,

The Professional Cabin Crew Council are very pleased to announce that we have now been listed on the Schedule of Trade Unions! This means that the Certification Officer (www.certoffice.org.uk) has now declared that we are a trade union! This is great news, and means that we have made considerable inroads towards becoming a recognised union for BA cabin crew. Most importantly it demonstrates that we are exactly who we say we are: Cabin Crew! The Certification Officer is satisfied that we are independent from BA otherwise they would not list the PCCC.

We would like to thank all of you for having the strength to join us - without you trusting us and joining up, it would not have happened.

We can move forward now and attend meetings with you and BA (attendance, disciplinary, etc) if you want us to. We can put you in touch with free legal advice re accidents at work and we are working on building up other benefits of belonging to our organisation.

One thing we have learnt along this winding road, is that, so far, we haven't needed to take any money from you. We have had some wonderful support from customers, ex-cabin crew, pilots, and people all across the globe. We have not taken a penny from anyone, but we have been grateful for the wonderful website and forum which was donated, and also our database which has no doubt saved us a lot of money! It certainly has made us wonder what happened to all the millions we have paid to Unite over the years!

So while BASSA thrash out yet another strike ballot, and wonder what to do, we are moving forward.

We believe that there is a better, more professional way to do things. We believe that working together we can create a stronger community and give us all a voice. We also believe that for too long, we have paid too much, to people that don't actually care about us and what we want. The undemocratic system that BASSA operates has never been so acutely demonstrated as the Branch Secretary publicly asking no voters to leave BASSA! So now we all know the truth - it's their way or no way.

If you haven't already done so, log-on to our forum (www.mypccc.co.uk) and see how refreshing it is to have professional debates with reasoned, intelligent people. All views are welcome, as long as they're not offensive!

So while they prepare the burners to stand around at Bedfont, we have something far more classy to offer: A professional organisation made up entirely of cabin crew, not affiliated to any larger Union or political party. We are entirely independent and we intend to remain that way.

The only people who know what's best for us is....us - each and everyone of us. So, come on in out of the cold!

Please email (or maildrop) this to a fellow cabin crew colleague who may be interested in joining the PCCC!


Good for crew to have the option of decent representation. Obviously BASSA/DH with their agenda will do everything to undermine them and create further division among crew.
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