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I emailed my questions to 12vpn and got all my questions (for now) answered.

Thanks windowseatapp!


Originally Posted by windowseatapp View Post
I use to setup my VPN while I'm abroad. I think they make the setup easy. You can think of a VPN as a computer in the United States that you can connect to while you're abroad so you can use all of the services that is available to you at home. Safe travels.
Thanks! I went to their site and found this:

IMPORTANT: This service is intended to enhance privacy, provide security and remove restrictions. It is specifically NOT intended to help you break the law in any way. If you're looking to share copyrighted material using Bittorrent or circumvent Hulu's location detection, don't sign up. It will not work.

So I guess either this particular site won't work for me or perhaps VPN is not what I need.

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