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Originally Posted by tkflyer View Post
Easiest way is probably a VPN to your home network, then yo can access anything you want. As mentioned mostv Linksys routers can operate DD-WRT a 3rd party software with lots of additional features including a VPN.
VPN highly recommended.

OpenVPN is a far more secure option that PPTP. OpenVPN server and client is *free* and OpenVPN is already built-in to several builds of DD-WRT.

I recommend against just opening ports on the router. That's asking for trouble unless you know - for certain - that everything in your network is secure. A friend of mine just got burned by installing a VNC solution w/open ports on his network. He caught a hacker sucking *everything* off his Linux box. With a VPN solution you can keep the ports closed to the outside world, while still maintaining full access to your network (limited to you).

Any solution that requires open ports puts data at risk. Be careful.
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