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Is that you, Paris Hilton?

I've never seen so much chutzpah exhibited on an Alaska Airlines flight.
Flight 558 from Seattle to Palm Springs Friday saw a bleached blonde woman get on board with her much older companion. The pair obviously did not have seats next to each other but apparently both had middle seats. Nevertheless, they sat down together in 9E and 9F and "Paris" told her companion that they'd solve the problem by switching with the rightful seat owner of 9F.
A few minutes later, the 9F rightful seat owner came up and refused "Paris's" deal because it became clear that he would end up in "Paris's" middle seat. She then moved to 9B, her rightful seat.
I wish this were the end of this, but it got worse. After the plane was nearly boarded, "Paris" got out of her middle seat, walked back to the flight attendant at the rear of the plane and said that she WAS NOT going to sit in a middle seat.
Here's why Alaska Airline flight attendants earn their money. The poor flight attendant started walking from the front of coach to the back, asking loudly "Anybody willing to switch from an aisle or window seat to a middle seat? I'm buying all your drinks!"
He got no takers until he reached the rear of the plane, when a volunteer agreed to switch with "Paris." He took her middle seat, and she, happily, took a window seat at the back.
To his credit, the flight attendant had a sense of humor. "That's what you get when you marry for money," he said in an aside to the passengers near him.
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