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Rethinking Canadian Data

My house in the US is close to the Canadian border. I own a jailbroken iPhone with ATT International Data. I also own a Verizon MiFi which drives my laptop, iPad, and my wife's stuff when we are travelling together. I probably spend three weeks a year in Canada on the installment plan (e.g. a day here, a week there, three hours, etc). My monthly MiFi consumption is roughly 2.3 gigs a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

When I was in Canada for more than a few days, I would call Verizon and add Canadian coverage. As the other post indicates, this is no longer an option.

I'm wondering what my best option is at this point in time. I'm willing to pop for a second prepaid MiFi, but want one I can easily reactivate as needed. Is Virgin Mobile (a Bell MVNO) the best deal out there?
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