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Originally Posted by ssafro1 View Post
I would agree with above poster--only if you are working in the Dallas area (not FW)

This summer I did an internship with a Big4 accounting firm. I am 22. I lived Uptown and had a great time. Close to bars, restaurants, anything really. A short drive into downtown. Go a few blocks off McKinney Ave or up toward the West Village (ex: Blackburn and McKinney..where I lived) and it gets quiet.

I am actually moving back to Dallas upon graduation from grad school as I accepted the job offer. I plan to live in approx the same area as I did this last summer since I enjoyed it so much.
+1...Dallas and Ft. Worth are vastly different areas separated by a couple dozen miles. Ft. Worth is a lot slower paced, especially out in bedroom communities (Burleson, Arlington, etc., even though Arlington has got some great entertainment venues.) I'm 26 myself and couldn't imagine ever living in Ft. Worth, and I've lived in the DFW area nearly my entire life. Anyone that I've ever known living in Ft. Worth in our age range tries to get to Dallas as quick as they can, especially if you like to go out to restaurants and bars during free time.
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