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Exclamation Update on 2011 Benefit Packages + 2010 Threshold Upgrades program

2011 Benefit Packages

The benefit packages you'll be receiving soon have been completely redesigned. Because of this, we've experienced some slight fulfillment delays. Prestige members began to receive their packages last week, while Super Elite and Elite members will begin receiving them next week. We are still confident that all members will have their benefit packages in hand by March 1, 2011. Remember that as soon as your package is shipped, it will be noted on the Air Canada Top Tier program page on aeroplan.com, directly above the list of Select Privileges you have previously chosen. As we mentioned in December, as a goodwill gesture, we intended to include additional 2010 Top Tier Upgrade Certificates for members to use prior to the launch of eUpgrades on March 1. Because the benefit packages are somewhat delayed, it no longer makes sense for us to send certificates with such a limited usage period. To address this, and to make up for any inconvenience you may have experienced during the transition, we are pleased to offer all 2011 Super Elite and Elite members 10 complimentary eUpgrade Credits, and all 2011 Prestige members 5 complimentary eUpgrade Credits. These credits will be valid through February 29, 2012. You will receive more information in an e-mail deploying later today, and you will see these eUpgrade Credits in your eUpgrade account on aircanada.com beginning February 8.

Threshold Upgrades earned in December 2010

As mentioned previously, the upgrade certificates issued for Threshold bonuses reached in December are 2010 Top Tier Upgrade Certificates, valid until February 28, 2011. We were unable to provide certificates that would extend to 2012, as had been the goodwill gesture in the past, as paper certificates will no longer be accepted when e-Upgrades are fully online March 1, 2011. One batch of these has already been fulfilled, and the last batch was put in the mail yesterday. We hope that members who have travel prior to February 28, 2011 will have the opportunity to take advantage of these upgrade certificates. However, as is apparent from both your feedback, and the feedback of many other members, the usage period is shorter than many customers were expecting, and eUpgrade Credits would have been more valuable. Therefore, in addition to fulfilling the paper certificates for thresholds achieved in December 2010, members will also receive complimentary eUpgrade Credits, valid through February 29, 2012. Prestige and Elite members will receive 10 complimentary eUpgrade Credits for each 2010 threshold level crossed in December 2010, while Super Elite members will receive 15 complimentary eUpgrade Credits for activities during the same period. You will receive an e-mail with further details next week, and you will see these eUpgrade Credits in your eUpgrade account on aircanada.com beginning February 8.

As the entire Top Tier population will now benefit from additional complimentary eUpgrade credits, this is a significant investment on our part. We trust you’ll be pleased with these changes and hope they will give your account a further boost of eUpgrade Credits to use during the 2011 benefit year.

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