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Originally Posted by wharvey View Post
Thanks... appreciate the suggestion planemechanic... that worked like a charm...

Now, a new issue, some websites are not loading for me.... as though IE is blocking them... I cannot find anything in any setup... but sure I am missing something.

Any thoughts?
Switch to FireFox or Chrome?

Or, check
1) has any malware modified my HOSTS file? The HOSTS file is found in \Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc folder, and can be opened with Notepad or Wordpad. Any lines that begin with '#' are comments and can be ignored. You should have only one at the bottom after comments that reads ' localhost'.
2) has anybody installed a proxy server? Check this in Internet Properties - you get there via the Tools menu in IE or by right-clicking IE in the Start Menu. Once in Internet Properties, go to the Connections tab, then press the bottom button for 'LAN settings'.

Next thing to try is lowering the security level. Go to Internet Properties again, select Security tab, change the level at the bottom. If it's already at a Custom level, you might choose 'Reset all zones to default level'.

Failing these, you can always take IE back to the original settings by going to Internet Properties again, Advanced tab, Reset button at the bottom.
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