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Originally Posted by Mileage Lover View Post
It takes a lot of persistence, patience and a good rep. After several weeks, I've finally able to secure 2 business class tix for April at 120k each on KE.


I'm on the 747-400 on LAX-ICN (KE12) and ICN-LAX (KE 11) so no new flat seats but am OK with that since it will be my first flight on a 747 upper deck (row 17).

I secured the return tix first and was able to secure outbound a couple weeks later.

I called EVERY day, at least once. On my return, the agent didn't get a confirmation of the seats right away but said they didn't get a "no" which was often a good sign. Showed up as "requested" until they were confirmed the next morning by KE's system.

The same thing happened on the outbound but the confirmation came through while I was on the phone.

Some agents indicated that their computer systems looked at all gateways and other agents told me they had to check gateways individually...not sure which was true.

My recommendation is to start as well ahead as possible and call once or twice a day.

Good luck!
I think the agents need to do all the gateway searches manually. From what I can tell from the good agents I've talked to, they will search across all of the North America-ICN flights and find those with availability, then piece together the domestic segments to get you to the gateway airport.

Sounds strikingly like the same procedure other Flyertalkers recommend for searching for Intl J awards ;-).
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