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Originally Posted by RealHJ View Post
Now as of late apparently DeltaTragic is even worse than usual (I know, none us thought it could get worse). I had to call back five times to get an agent who was able to grab KE flights. They can see availability, but can not grab the flights. "Internal help desk" also just tells them to give up, so basically you will be told "yes, it's available in D class," then to "hold on" and "wait while I get internal help desk to help me grab the seats," and in the end, "sorry, it's not available - no, it's really not." (That and you also may get an agent who takes it in "O" class and then can't figure out why it won't ticket, and an equally cluess supervisor also who doesn't even know what is the right fare class for KE. So always come armed and know the specific fare class you need for the airline in question, as few if any pm-DL agents care to know such essentials of their job: it is up to you to tell them the specific flights and fare class to book it into, or else, chances are, they'll mess it up.)

If you call back enough times, you will get an agent who will push "internal help desk" to (as I was told, "scream at the computer") and in the end they can grab it.

But, it seems that Dullta has made it just a lot more difficult to get KE flights now.

What before one could do easily and quickly online (book KE, MU, CZ, MH, etc. award flights), now one has to do by phone, and now even when available most agents will just lie that it's not available (as they can't grab the seats, and the "internal help desk" doesn't care to help either).

So, just a word of caution, you may need to keep calling back until you get Chisholm, as SLC is totally and utterly useless and clueless on this and rather un-motivated to help (well, they do want to help and are not bad, but they are poorly trained and the "internal help desk" just tells them it's "not available," though they can see it is, and that is what they relay on to pax).
I didn't there has ever been a way to find KE awards online, except for back when the NW Asia site was still active. DL has never shown inventory for them online as far as I have known.
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