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Applying for Business Credit Cards [Consolidated]

I know that credit pulls for a business card are supposed to be completely separate from personal credit pulls. I haven't had a chance to check my reports for pulls so I wonder if anyone who has can confirm this for us. It would seem like in a sole proprietorship using SS# the pull would have to come from the personal report.

I have an actual business license in DC but it's a sole proprietorship. My SS# is my fed id. I've gotten a couple business cards with it. Recently I was shut out of the Citi AA MC business card even though I had not had it- just personal cards. With AmEx I've had no trouble.

Before I apply for business cards with Chase and Barclays I'd like to know for sure I'm not getting multiple hard pulls on my personal credit report. Like many here, conserving personal inquiries is important to me.

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