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can you provide a bit more information regarding #6? this sounds as if the new pe+ is more suited for day flights or is it possible to get some sleep? regarding the dvt: is the bean bag not big enough so it can not be reached in a reclined position if one is < 6ft?
The seat has two separate movements, with a lever each; recline and tilt. I guess my point is that I don't understand why the second is needed, as what it does is raise the front of the seat cushion and drop the rear. This has the effect of lifting your knees and sinking your butt. This won't affect anyone's ability to sleep - just don't action the lever. Ditto the bean bag, easy to reach either sitting or reclined, but if you activate the tilt it gets further away from your feet. I just don't know why you'd do that unless you were tall, in which case you lose recline as your butt sinks.

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the seat looks a bit hard on the images or is it ok for longer flights?
I didn't find it hard at all.

Originally Posted by mad_atta
I'm interested in your comments about legroom and the JK seats. Did your 6'2" neighbour find that without twisting around, his feet were jammed up against the seat in front? That sounds like a bit of a worry - as a 6'2" person myself I always avoid bulkhead seats (like the old row 1 A320 J seats) for that very reason.
He wasn't my neighbour, but I could see his legs from where I was sitting, so went to take a look. In any case your conclusion is the one I was suggesting; every Y+ seat is essentially a row 1 seat. e.g. In Y, if you're tall, you can always hunker down a little more and get your legs further under the seat in front. In this seat, as you've figured, once you hit the wall you hit the wall.

But I really don't want to make this sound worse than it is by accident. There is legroom, but it runs out. I'll be looking to hear from someone taller to report back on their actual experience.

Originally Posted by mad_atta
Also, from your comment it sounds like the window seats have even less legroom - is that right?
"My bad" - as they say up over. No - not less leg room, I was referring to the ease of getting in and out of the herringbone. Not impossible by any stretch - certainly easier than a middle seat in Y, but I believe much harder than it would be from the window Y+ seat on a 747.

Originally Posted by mad_atta
how hard is it for people in the window pairs to interact with each other, compared to, say, how hard it is in the current J seats if you're in seats one behind the other
Not as difficult as the J seats, but not by much. i.e. You do have to lean a reasonable way forward to even sight the person next door, and that wouldn't be comfortable for long. In fact, further to my comments about the monitor arm, I now wonder that you might not be able to lean far enough forward at all if the monitor was rotated out? You'd just scone yourself. Hmmm, maybe someone else can test that out?

Originally Posted by mad_atta
re Paul Smith
OK, that made me smile No, not being sarcastic, when I saw the name tag it just made me think I'd seen the name in an NZ context. i.e. I'd have got a similar feeling if the name tag said "Bruce Parton" - it just rang a bell.

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