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Thank you for your quick response.
I thought this would be the case, but wanted to double check before I redeemed the second ticket. I have never been to PEK and you never know what different proceedures they may have.
Sounds like it will be ok, thanks again!

Originally Posted by jiejie View Post
As long as your existing Chinese visa covers you for your desired extended stay, you should be OK. Make it clear in KWL at check-in that you only want to check bags to PEK and doublecheck that they only tag that far. They shouldn't have any problem with this, and if they seemed puzzled for an explanation, you can always tell them you want your luggage in PEK as you're going to overnight at a hotel, and that you'll recheck with OZ in PEK. Pick up luggage in PEK at baggage claim and take off to hotel. It would be a nice courtesy (but not necessary) to call Asiana Beijing office the next morning and let them know you will not be flying with them that afternoon--if you feel you need an excuse, just say you've taken ill and will arrange a later flight at your own expense. Of course, you'll forfeit any value of what was left of your award ticket. There you go! Enjoy Beijing.

You would not pass through Chinese exit immigration until departing from PEK. The issue of not showing up for your original Asiana flight is of no concern to immigration, only to Asiana. As long as your visa remains valid. You'll go through immigration and get stamped out of China officially when you catch your replacement flight.
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