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Originally Posted by Ken in Phx View Post
This thread wont go away because the self promoters who start these threads are too self involved to approach it any other way.
Previously when this topic showed up on FT, all references to the deal were deleted when I requested that posters do this, after I explained the following:

This is an ultra sensitive error on the part of the bank. As soon as some reporter like Ron Lieber of the New York Times (formerly of the Wall Street Journal) reads your post, he will check with B of A and then write about it. This will cause B of A to fix the error, ruining it for all of us. Ron has ruined other good deals before, just so he can get his "scoop". He does read these forums.

mrpiclkles has kindly deleted his original post. I suggest that everyone posting to this thread edit your comments to "deleted". Else, this deal will probably be long gone in a month or two. I will edit this comment when I see reference to the deal has disappeared. I now await response from airportbuster for his post 52, which quotes mrpickles.

As you probably know, I spend a great deal of time sharing good miles deals with my readers and flyertalkers. But every once in a while posting the deal will kill it, which does no one any good. This is one of those times.

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