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Originally Posted by TWA884 View Post
You are making a global generalization based upon anecdotal evidence from one U.S. based airline.

The common definition of a direct flight is:
But your quote says that a direct flight does not involve an equipment change, and even if rare, that's not 100% accurate. Besides, it's not one airline. Google "does a direct flight involve change in aircraft" or variants, and you'll see it's becoming an all too common practice, much to the chagrin of pax (including the fact that you get fewer miles, because you get the total of A-C, not A-B + B-C). US does it, UA, AC, DL... I don't know about European airlines, but don't forget that UA/CO make the largest airline in the world, and they do it; DL is number 2 (and currently the single largest until CO and UA combine) and they do it...

I think the point is irrelevant though. It doesn't change the fact that it exists, and I think we can agree it's annoying and pointless. It's also not really connected to the thread anymore

Originally Posted by HONcircle View Post
On LH and LX, for some routen when flying in C and F, you do get a premium class kodher meal. LY no longer has a monopoly. But on other airlines,.... I flew recently with TG, and my KSML tasted horrible.
I think you misunderstood. Many airlines will serve high quality KSMLs in F. But only on LY can Kosher pax get the F dining "experience," served course after course, directly from the warmers, not wrapped in a bunch of plastic or metal, poured wine...
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