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A few thoughts:

Trying to get my mind around this at 2:00 am, so please forgive errors. Thanks for the good synopsis.

Whole thing strikes me as convoluted. It will be interesting to start trying to play points-earning games the way our AA, DL, and UA friends get to.

So for WGA fares, a WN point is worth 1.67 US cents. Pretty straightforward. Also easy to devalue, but at least it will be transparent when it happens.

Most of my initial thoughts are about the CP, which I see as the most important WN benefit, and one I get primarily through CC spend. I don't care much about A-List.

I guess the 71 RR credits I have earned toward my 5/31/11 CP renewal will possibly turn out to have been semi-wasted; I could have done nothing along those lines and still been grandfathered for 7 months. Well, I guess I can cram through a CP renewal with Starwood transfers in the next 7-8 weeks and get another year of CP.

All the more reason to earn with something like the Starwood Amex and transfer only as needed at the last minute. Learned my lesson, WN Visa card. At least the points-earning on WN Visa is apparently a little better than it was: $110,000 regular spend for Companion Pass instead of $120,000 (assuming you take no flights). Just hope they don't add some requirement like you have to have a bunch of paid flights to keep the CP (or does that exist and I missed it?).

In that WN slideshow, only WN Visa and Diners are mentioned as CC partners. They just announced Starwood a few weeks ago, so I wonder about that.

There are going to be 2 levels of WN Visa, the Premier version of which will give 1500 TQP per $10,000 spend. I want to know more about that. Is that a bonus? The OP says the CP comes with 110,000 points, TQP or otherwise. Both look to be Signature Visa cards.

I want to look closer at the value existing Awards will have going forward. Might be worth stockpiling a stack of them through Starwood transfer, if you take long Award flights, since those will cost more to get.

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