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Originally Posted by Astrophsx View Post
I'm assuming you are saying that to keep new people from doing it because there are numerous people doing this who have not been shut down.
Well best of luck to you then. My experience was what QL714 has noted. I am a premier banking customer with fairly hefty average balance (which I'm sure is well over the national average), business checking, business line of credit, and mortgage (jumbo) with BOA. Although my business LOC and mortgage are fine, both of my checking accounts got frozen after running about 30k over 3 months the on the alaska debit card. With my personal banker's help I've been able to get my business checking back up, but I'm worried my personal might not be able to be saved. I'm fighting to get it back, but I might not be able to.

Thinking back, the hassle is not worth the 17,500 miles I got. However if it's worth the risk to you, I wish you the best of luck.
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