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Originally Posted by noam
Just in case you do end up looking at the iPhone, here is how it measures up:

YES - Receive push email
YES - Extra credit: Receive push email in designated subfolders
YES - Move messages among folders (and the actions sync both ways)
YES - Sync calendar, with support for busy/tentative/free
YES - Sync contacts
UNSURE - including sub-folders
YES - Sync or query the GAL
YES - Search client-side email
YES - Extra credit: Search server-side email (connectivity permitting.)
YES - Accept/reject/tentative meeting requests from email app
YES - Create a meeting request (Extra credit: see availability)
YES - Configure multiple accounts with full functionality
YES - View a unified Inbox
YES - Share contacts with phone's native apps
Yes. The OP might wait a few days and see if the mythical Verizon iPhone materializes.
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