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Dear Mrs. 4E & 4F...

Originally Posted by TravellingMan View Post
The most annoying thing is people putting up their feet on my armrest in First Class. It drives me crazy to have their dirty shoes rubbing on my elbow.

I have pointed it out to many a F/C passenger who ended up starting off with the "DYWHIA" routine and questioning the legitimacy of my birth, my background etc. Did not bother me a bit as long as their dirty shoes were off "my" armrest.
AMEN to that!

Dear Mrs. 4E & 4F,

I realize that you got stuck in Salt Lake City overnight on your way to San Diego. I am truly sorry, but no amount of travel mayhem makes my armrest your property. Please, in the future, keep your smelly feet to yourself. Oh, and when I try to reclaim my space with a gentle nudge with my elbow, there really is no need to push your foot forward further.



PS - Delta, please install actual bulkheads between F & Y. Thanks!

Exhibit 1 (to my right):

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