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Best phone-email-client for Exchange users?

I've had a terrible time over the last year, trying to migrate to Android; I've tried a G1, a Galaxy S, and a G2, all with no luck; in the past I also tried an HTC Tilt (running WM6, IIRC).

Mind you, not because they're not good phones, or good browsers, etc. -- but because there hasn't been a one of them yet with a fully functional Exchange client. (Actually, the WM6 client was passable, but 3 hours total battery life wasn't.)

It's getting to the point where I'm even willing to consider an iPhone (though I don't think it passes my Exchange client tests either.)

I'm going on 12 years on Blackberries, most of the time with BES, so I'm used to pretty solid Exchange integration, and I have yet to find a client that does everything I'm looking for.

IMO, I should be able to:
- Receive push email
- Extra credit: Receive push email in designated subfolders
- Move messages among folders (and the actions sync both ways)
- Sync calendar, with support for busy/tentative/free
- Sync contacts, including sub-folders
- Sync or query the GAL
- Search client-side email
- Extra credit: Search server-side email (connectivity permitting.)
- Accept/reject/tentative meeting requests from email app
- Create a meeting request (Extra credit: see availability)
- Configure multiple accounts with full functionality
- View a unified Inbox
- Share contacts with phone's native apps

(I don't really use Exchange's Tasks, Notes, or Public Folders -- some might add those to my list.)


The stock* Android 2.2 client (as supplied on the G2) does not support moving messages to folders, or responding to invites.

(*I believe several manufacturers have slightly variant email clients, e.g. Motorola's "Work Email" and an "Email" from HTC that's different from the bog stock client.)

Touchdown seems to be the prevalent recommendation, but it doesn't support multiple accounts, doesn't share contacts with the phone (barring a clunky manual workaround) and has a UI that I don't care for (cartoony, sacrifices functional screen real estate for chrome.)

Moxier mail has a better UI, but isn't robust for many, doesn't support multiple accounts, and IIRC also doesn't support contact subfolders.

K9 is the strongest of the clients I tried, with huge options sets and configurability -- but no meeting-request handling.

Is there a decent Exchange client, other than Blackberry, hiding out there somewhere?

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