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Originally Posted by gordo6 View Post
I know and I have never flown DL. However (based on info from the internet), I think that their 744 BE product is similar to LY business. If you ask me which airlines flying TLV-North America has the best business class seats (and not service) I'll say:
US>CO>AC+DL(ATL 777L flights)>DL(JFK)+LY>DL(ATL 772ER flights)
When DL will get their new BE on the 744&772 I'll rank it:

So LY is in a big problem...
I'm not sure I fully got that. First off, how can you include DL's ATL service? Yes that's NA, but it's a major connection. Once you include connections, why not include BA who also has a strong foothold in the NYC-TLV market?
Or were you just talking in general about NA-TLV?
Anyways, I'm surprised you rank US over CO. Have they committed the new seats to TLV or have they finished the install on the A332? If yes to either, then I agree. If not, then you need to wait until one of those happens. And why is CO better than AC yet worse than US? Don't AC and US have similar products?

But LY, even if they don't have the best seats, could feel they command a premium based on good seats plus other variables, such as service.

I still think LY needs to overhaul both F and C on widebodies, especially considering I don't see any new widebody orders anytime soon... On F, I'm not asking for BA (though I wouldn't say no ), but a real improvement, more in line with US... As for C, too many carriers over true lie-flats in C, that it's time LY took notice. Even if not pods. And AVOD across the board...including Y
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